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Breezy – The Adventure Time


His massive arm doesn't help Finn and he begins pulverizing things and as he keeps on botching things up, he gets disappointed and his sweet arm blasts. Adventure Time Episode have Running Time 21:59 mm from the Chann...

The Tower – Adventure Time


The scene begins with Finn attempting to make spaghetti with a cumbersome confection arm. His cumbersome arm doesn't help Finn and he begins decimating things and as he keeps on botching things up, he gets disappointe...

Escape from the Citadel – Adventure Time


Finn and Jake hitch a ride on a Citadel Guardian after he detains and transports The Lich to the Citadel. Upon landing, the Guardian appends The Lich's precious stone jail onto a much bigger gem "cell square." Finn th...

Wake Up – Adventure Time


Jake celebrating at Time Room with Prismo and The Cosmic Owl, Death, Peppermint Butler, and Party God. Jake converses with Prismo after he runs out on nachos and they knock on Peppermint Butler and Death. Peppermint B...

Billy’s Bucket List – Adventure Time


Finn and Rap Bear having a rap fight in Candy Kingdom. In the wake of overcoming Rap Bear, Finn tells Rap Bear that he is similar to his legend. Gathering Pat tells Finn that he thought Billy was his saint, however Fi...

Lemonhope – Adventure Time


Lemonhope having a fantasy in which he has wings and is flying through a dull scene, and there are a few entryways. He hears thumping on one however can't appear to open it. He is soon woken up and comes inside to pro...

Bad Timing – Adventure Time


The Candy Kingdom where Princess Bubblegum is playing her trumpet for Finn, Jake, Embryo Princess, the Punch Bowl, and a mudscamp. She then divulges her new innovation, a sphere formed time travel machine, and exhibit...

Betty – Adventure Time


The Secret Society of Forest Wizard, Laser Wizard and Bufo meet with Bella Noche, a deformed head from another measurement, uninformed that Ice King is viewing them from the shadows. In return for bringing the intense...

The Red Throne – Adventure Time


In the Fire Kingdom castle, Flame Princess is listening to the issues of her residents when a wizard, Don John the Flame Lord, encroaches and claims that she is "not sufficiently malicious to run the show." She tries ...

Rattleballs – Adventure Time


Princess Bubblegum is startled when she discovers Finn in her kitchen at five in the morning. Finn clarifies that he has rededicated his life to serving and securing Princess Bubblegum now that his association with Fl...

Apples Wedding – Adventure Time


In this episode opens onto Tree Trunks yard, where many pigs and elephants circled in formal clothing, avid for the wedding to start. Princess Bubblegum discovers Finn tending the juice bar and lets him know that Cinn...

Root Beer Guy – Adventure Time


Finn and Jake tickling a monstrosity while Princess Bubblegum and some Candy People hold turns around him. The beast chuckles, discharging a portion of the Candy People from his mouth. The Candy People cheer, with the...

James – Adventure Time


Finn searching for Jake and discovers him in a storage space. He inquires as to whether he is as yet contemplating James then says Princess Bubblegum is sitting tight for them. Jake says that he isn't prepared however...

The Pit – Adventure Time


Jake asks where they are and Kee-Oth answers that they are in his yoga room, tossing Jake into the pit amidst the room. As yet feeling that Jake is Joshua, Kee-Oth lets him know that he is prepared for reprisal and th...

Play Date – Adventure Time


Finn and Jake being dropped off by a pteranodon. They enter the Tree Fort and empty new gold as Finn spots his Demon Blood Sword on a showcase. They go to unwind before they are reminded that Ice King is as yet living...

We Fixed a Truck – Adventure Time


Finn pushing an old truck that he found up a slope and in a tree while singing a melody about his fortunes in discovering the truck. He sounds the trucks horn to wake Jake up. A lethargic Jake shows up at the window w...

Red Starved – Adventure Time


Jake begins moaning and grumbles about feeling wiped out after he ate the sweet in Finn's sack, yet Finn claims that he didn't bring any confection. Jake says that that must be the motivation behind why it tasted dive...

Box Prince – Adventure Time


Finn watching out of his window, advising Jake that the tempest has passed. Jake is seen playing Pro Football 1861 on BMO in a muddled spot. He offers nachos to Finn, which Finn says he cherishes and instantly eats. A...

Dungeon Train – Adventure Time


Finn and Jake venturing out to a riddle surrender that they caught wind of from Flambo's sibling. Finn begins asking peculiar inquiries in transit, which causes Jake to stress over him and ask whether it has anything ...

Love Games – Adventure Time


Finn and Jake are facilitating what has all the earmarks of being a syndicated program( (with Finn asserting that he no more needs to date any longer) when Slime Princess arrives and declares that she needs help with ...

The Vault – Adventure Time


Finn in the kitchen late during the evening making a midnight nibble, despite the fact that the dish he has is vacant. Abruptly, Ghost Lady rises up out of the floor and starts attempting to take hold of him. Finn beg...

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It’s adventure time! join the amazing world of fantasy, exploring, imagination, action and full excitement with an entertaining series of adventurous time cartoons. Adore cartoon series rich of tenderness, struggle, tragedy, humor and extreme fun. Adventure time based on a boy Named Finn main hero and Jake his adoptive brother a dog having the magical powers. The dog changes the shape and size of the body while fighting evil together, saving princes and playing games.

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