In this Chota Bheem film parts Dholakpur under assault with some wild wolves taking endlessly an infant of a blameless lady. Bheem takes on the heros role and thrashings those wolves to spare Dholakpur. Later in the Dholakpur regal royal residence, Princess Indumati sees a ghastly dream and solicitations her father, King Indravarma to recount to her a story. Indravarma enlightens Indumati regarding a wonder of a land,Bali. In Bali,a Balian serenades a few mantras to discharge a malicious and lethal demon,Rangda. Following day, King Indraverma gives a brief presentation of a kid of Bali who is none other than Arjun,the Rajkumar of Bali. Rangda is discharged from Kaal Dhund and makes her own particular armed force of Leyaks,magical evil presences. Chota Bheem Episode have Running Time 01:02:08 mm from the Channel Hungama Tv, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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