In this Chota Bheem film parts, King Indraverma, Princess Indumati alongside Bheem and his companions set out on an excursion to Bali. Indraverma enlightens additionally regarding Bali on their way. Anyway before they achieve Bali, it is assaulted by Rangda and her supernatural demons, Leyaks. However,Arjun figures out how to escape and is protected by Guru Bahula,the regal minister of Bali. Bahula figures out how to escape with Arjun and cover up in a hole. Arjun is discovered oblivious lying on a bed. He soon awakens addresses Bheem and companions as negligible children. Chutki and Raju feel that they shouldn’t help Arjun by any means. Bheem discloses his companions to keep persistence and requests that them not leave Arjun in this unsafe circumstance. Then, Rangda sends Leyaks to execute any one in Bali who has live their past assaults. Chota Bheem Episode have Running Time 38:08 mm from the Channel Hungama Tv, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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