Crystals Have Power – Adventure Time:

Finn is inspecting a gem with a kiss check on it that was jettisoned the Tree Fort, then Jake provokes him to an extreme gentleman challenge. Finn recommends that the precious stone was from Tree Trunks, yet Jake accepts that Tree Trunks is gone. She beforehand ate the Crystal Gem Apple in the scene Tree Trunks, then vanished. Finn stops his regard of the gem and afterward starts to have an intense fellow challenge with Jake. To start with, they both break something into equal parts. Finn softens a branch up half, however Jake softens an entire sofa up half. Next, Finn squeezes Jake on the arm, and he doesn’t shed a tear. In any case then Jake turns Finns areolas, which makes him shed one tear. Adventure Time Episode have Running Time 17:38 mm from the Channel Cartoon Network, Language available in English, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on kidstv.

Adventure Time
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