In this Chota Bheem film mahaan tell damyaan couldn’t discharge who spare the earth from damyaan. In Dholakpur princess indumathi was kidnaped by mangal singh then bheem enters with a tune and spare the princes, where Jaggu, Bholu, Dholu, Raju, Chutki and Kalia are arranging their companion Bheem mystery birthday gathering while Damyaan, an evil presence who, hundreds of years prior, was conceded interminability by the book of Magi alongside a condemnation that he would be limited to the city of Sonapur, needs to escape from this control and get back his energy and kingdom. Chota Bheem Episode have Running Time 01:04:12 mm from the Channel Pogo TV, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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