Finn playing an amusement called Guardians of Sunshine. They grumble that the amusement foes and magma pit bounced are too simple. Jake says Finn is ablaze and inquires as to whether he supposes he can beat a particularly troublesome foe called Sleepy Sam. Finn tries to utilize a combo move to beat him yet does not complete the move in time, so the character gets gulped and spat out and loses the amusement. Finn and Jake moan and toss the controller over the room telling BMO the diversion is powerless. Finn says that on the off chance that he were in the amusement he could without much of a stretch pulverize Sleepy Sam with his gloves. But then BMO lets them know the diversion is a great deal a greater number of risky than they envision. Adventure Time Episode have Running Time 14:16 mm from the Channel Cartoon Network, Language available in English, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

Adventure Time
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