Krazy Klaws – Tom and Jerry:

This Toma and Jerry episode “Krazy Klaws” jerry goes into a gap in the wall. as Tom searches for Jerry, the mouse pulls one of the Kitten’s delicate bristles, and flees. as the pursuit went on, Jerry goes into a hot air blow up, as Tom does likewise. Tom snatches Jerry, however as They both understand that the blow up They’re in is skimming without end to ocean. later, through overcast skies and rainstorms, the inflatable is skimming over an island claimed by an amusement seeker named Sir Basil who detects the blow up as His gorilla aide, Darwin utilizes a crossbow to cut an opening at the inflatable, effectively and catches the pair in a winged animal enclosure, winning Darwin a twofold apportion of bananas. Tom and Jerry have Running Time 42:51 mm from the Channel Cartoons Network, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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