Polka Dot Puss – Tom and Jerry:

Tom was utilizing Jerry as a yo-yo. Tom then hears Mammy Two Shoes letting him know that the time it now, time to put the feline out for the night. Perceiving that the climate outside is fairly obnoxious, Tom shrewdly fakes an icy, claiming to sniffle brutally. Mammy enquires if Tom has got a frosty. Tom gestures and wheezes once more. Mammy has a change of heart and permits Tom to rest inside for the night, yet gives the feline a stern cautioning that she’d wash his mouth with cleanser on the off chance that he was lying. Tom and Jerry Episode have Running Time 07:41 mm from the Channel Cartoon Network, Language available in English, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on Poemsforkids.pk.

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