In this episode Japanese character and delicate toy that can be requested to any particular on the web. Candace and Stacy requested Bango-Rus on the web. Stacy requested a combination of a bunny and a bear that she named Bunny-Bear. Candace requested a combination of a bovine and a frog that she named Señor Frowg, however not at all like Stacy’s hybrid of a bunny and a bear, hers turned out monstrous. The Bango-Ru tradition was likewise held in Danville at the Danville Arena the day the young ladies got their toys. Bango-Ru has its own particular signature tune. Candace notice that one of the Bettys has a Bango-Ru on her guitar. Phineas And Ferb Episode have Running Time 30:03 mm from the Channel Disney XD, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

Phineas And Ferb
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