Bheem is an extremely solid, astute and attractive kid. He cherishes to eat ladoos. He has a huge Heart for destitute individuals, creatures and the individuals who are in requirement for help. He is exceptionally bold and carefree. Chutki is strenght just for good work. He is thoughtful to everybody. He is the gaurdian of creatures, poor individuals and his native. Lord Indraverma dependably trusts Bheem for vital assignments. Chutki is a seven year old young lady. She is exceptionally kind to everybody. She helps Bheem in his experiences and her precarious thoughts help Bheem alot. At the point when Bheem is not ready to tackle an issue, Chutki is there to help him. Chota Bheem Episode have Running Time 50:32 mm from the Channel Pogo TV, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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