Most famous Chota Bheem Cartoons episode The “Junglee Kabeela” The forces of Kirmada were devastated by Krishna’s Sudarshana Chakra in the motion picture Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna, yet his spirit figures out how to survive. His sister brings him back utilizing her enchantment, however is not able to restore any force in him. Kirmada then demands the villain to issue him more quality. Accordingly, the fallen angel educates him that he was murdered by the Sudarshana chakra and can’t be revived, unless he assimilates the force of 1000 individuals and penances himself into the flame, and soon thereafter Kirmada could get back his own structure and force. Chota Bheem Episode have Running Time 52:03 mm from the Channel Pogo TV, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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