The Lonesome Mouses – Tom and Jerry:

Tom is sleeping by the chimney. Above Jerry drops a vase on his head. The smashing reasons Mammy Two Shoes to toss Tom out of the house for a forty year sentence. He then collides with a mop and washcrate, issuing him the look of the Great Sphinx of Giza, with a few pyramids and Jerry does an Egyptian move . Jerry teases Tom from inside and puts a “For Rent” sign outside his mouse gap. Jerry is having a ton of good times for quite a while without Tom,such as drawing the Toms picture the hair and mustache,making him look to Adolf Hitler,and spitting it, yet soon gets to be forlorn. Tom and Jerry Episode have Running Time 08:00 mm from the Channel Cartoon Network, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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