In this episode cattle rustler in a western motion picture is singing On the Trail, joined at by blending dairy animals. As the motion picture closes, it is reveal that Phineas has been viewing it on a versatile feature player while he and Ferb are riding on an extremely agreeable steed ride called Ride Em Cowboy at Clem Carnival. Mother thinks this is adorable and takes a photo. Phineas says She means well. As Mom drives off, Candace gets after them to not pull any of your irregular tricks. Phineas reacts with a southern cowpoke drawl and says, Do not worry none, school marm. Fulfilled, Candace calls a partner most likely Stacy on her wireless to relate her experience with “Little Miss Pants. Phineas And Ferb Episode have Running Time 21:43 mm from the Channel Disney, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

Phineas And Ferb
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