Tin episode Finn and Jake battling against Xergiok, the trolls’ dictator ruler. Xergiok tries to cast a flame spell on them, however Finn avoids it with his sword saying “wands are for weaklings. They overcome him and power him to escape. After Xergiok’s annihilation, both Finn and Jake are taken to the royal residence of the Goblin Kingdom, where they meet Gummy, the regal troll head of staff, who requests that Finn be their lord. He additionally lets them know how they are badly acclimated to any empathetic treatment, since Xergiok cherished being a bastard and haphazardly hit their butts. Adventure Time Episode have Running Time 17:36 mm from the Channel Cartoon Network, Language available in English, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on Poemsforkids.pk.

Adventure Time
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