The Wizard Of Oz – Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry most famous cartoons film The Wizard Of Oz. At the point when a neighbor, Miss Almira Gulch, is chomped by Dorothy’s pet canine, Toto (despite the fact that it was her own foul temper that incited Toto in any case), she gets a sheriff’s request and takes him away to be put down. Tom and Jerry give pursue on an old bike. Jerry figures out how to free Toto, who runs back home, yet Tom and Jerry wind up in a fight with Miss Gulch which finishes in them three colliding with a pit. Tom and Jerry return home without helping Miss Gulch, generally as a twister achieves Dorothy’s homestead. Dorothy, Toto, Tom and Jerry are past the point where it is possible to join Dorothy’s family in the tempest basement, and Tom and Jerry are thumped out as they attempt to get inside the house. Tom and Jerry Episode have Running Time 55:26 mm from the Channel Pogo TV, Language available in Urdu, Watch more Urdu and English cartoons on

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